Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Fourth Kind


Who would forget Dr. Abygail? Milla Jovovich really brought the character to live. Milla really stole the show. A fan of her since Resident Evil... Job, well done...


It’s a semi-fictitious thriller. Through out the movie, actual video and sound recordings were shown. The authenticity of the recordings is debatable. I’m still not fully convinced that there’s such thing as alien abduction. H’ever, I really don’t want to become the one abducted should there be such.


It’s really testing my curiosity. I had a different view about alien abduction or even its existence. If this thing really happened, I could only say… PRAISE THE LORD! I view this as a test. A test of our belief. When I saw the actual video & voice recordings, I could not resist myself from comparing it with possessed or hysterical incident. The change of voice, the unbelievable strength, the change of characters, the trauma… it’s almost the same. So, is it the devil or is it the alien?

Viper's Creed

Anime series: VIPER’S CREED
12 episodes
I could only remember 2. Saiki, because he’s wearing a pirate-like eye cover. Ageha, because she is a minor, a genius one who’s able to hack a computer system and make it all go haywire.
It started a little bit slow at first few episodes to develop the main characters. A lot of twist & turns towards the end of the series. A sad ending to the Viper Unit since its members died one by one. Rudra’s ending was the coolest one, though.
The battroid-maneuver was cool but not a memorable one. If only the red one used by Saiki and Hound’s leader could last longer…

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Chosen One (Part 2)

Morpheus was right when he believed that Neo was The Chosen One. For those who watched The Matrix, they know what I was talking about. However, before he began his journey to become The Chosen One, Neo had to choose between the red pill and the blue pill. One of the pills would make him stay inside the Matrix. The other would awake him and he would be out of the Matrix. As the story goes, we knew which pill he took.
Life is about making choices. Of course, to come out to this world is not our choice. So as to die. However, we may choose our way of life bearing in mind that action will lead to reaction. Each choice has its own consequence. Whether good or bad the choice we made depends on the results that follow.
In making choice, some people rely on their intellect, some use their instinct. Others, rely on revelation.
Therefore, if life is about making choice, what results awaiting us when we die? Should there be no heaven or hell, nothing will happen after that. That’s the end of us. Our flesh will be decomposed and we become part of the ecosystem. We will become a non-existence except for the fading memories that stay put in the mind of our beloved one. If we do good deed, people might remember it and felt indebted to us so long as they live. If we do bad, people might still remember it. Worse to worst, such deed will end up in criminal records which will disposed off after a period of time.
The question is, what if there is heaven and hell? Some choice will lead to heaven. Others, to hell. Action, reaction. Choice, consequence. Will we become The Chosen One? Will we be able to see through our walk of life? What is our choice? The blue pill or the red? (To be continued…)