Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crossover: The Untold Diary of A Mu'allim's Seasoned Car (Part 1)

You are moving to the next phase of your life. You put together a plan towards that phase. Today, an important event is going to materialise. You are nervous but prepared. Someone really important is going to be there. It makes you feel more nervous. You take a deep breath and pray to God that everything will go smoothly.

You take your Sweetheart; a seasoned car which age is the same as yours. You love your ride but you know its capability better than anyone else. Bringing together that important person on that ride has become a big concern for you. You whisper to your Sweetheart, "Please, I need this. Please bear with me."

As the engine starts, it begins to rumble. So, as your heart. You bring together The Queen of Your Heart because you need her to be there for both you and that important person. You finally pick up that important person and start the first journey together inside your Sweetheart.
Suddenly, something happens. Your sweetheart seems cannot carry on with the journey. True enough, not too far away, it stops.

You're really embarrassed. You can feel that one of the passengers behind is staring at you. You try not to look back. You are too terrified.

"Come on Sweetheart! Don't do this to me!" Your heart is crying out loud. You push the ignition key a few times to get the engine starts again but to no avail.

You sigh. You can feel that your plan for today crumbles into pieces.

You take another deep breath. You try not to give up. No matter what, things must go as planned.

You hold your key and start to push it one last time.... (To be continued)

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