Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Untold Diary of a Mu'allim's Seasoned Car (Part 2)

Luckily, you manage to start your engine and continue with your journey.

Your sigh of relief tells the whole story. However, the challenge doesn't end there.

In a very short moment, your Sweetheart begins to show the same symptom again. The engine rumbles but the movement is not as smooth. It is as if someone is having hiccups. Your worriness turns to a nightmare. Once again, the engine stop.

"Oh, no. Not again!" You say to yourself. The embarassment becomes unbearable. It grows into frustration and that frustration almost turns into anger.

You move your Sweetheart to the side of the road. You open its hood and look at the engine trying to figure out what is really happening.

As you are doing that, you start questioning yourself. Your Sweetheart seemed okay yesterday. It was okay early this morning when you were driving it to look out for breakfast. Then, why oh why does it become like this at this moment? Why must it shows problems when it matters the most?

The questions are unsolved so as your search for the real problem of your Sweetheart. You are not a mechanic. You have to resolve to others to help you. You almost feel insignificant.

You take a glance to the passengers' seat and you can see a look of concern from both your passengers. You can feel the burden weighing on your shoulder. You can almost feel that your feet are sinking into the earth. (To be continued...)

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