Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Untold Diary of A Mu'allim's Seasoned Car (Part 3)

You scratch your head. It has been spontaneous for you to do that whenever you are seeking for some sort of enlightenment.

You are looking for a conclusive solution. Therefore, you decide to make a phone call. The head scratching removes the blockade in your blood circulation around your cerebrum. You've got an idea. You call your dad. He has been your problem solver since you started to breathe.

You listen closely to his suggestion, give a little thought about it and decide to take his advice. So, you try pull a wire or two on your engine and try to start it again. You succeed but you know it will not last long.

Nervously, you drive the car to the nearest workshop. The time is ticking up. You need your Sweetheart to be repaired immediately.

You tell the mechanic about your problem. He and a few others diagnose it. As they are doing their job, the Queen of Your Heart and your VIP wait on a torn couch inside the workshop. The smell of oil and smoke sticks up deep into your throat. You believe that your passengers feel the same if not worse.

You move back and forth waiting anxiously the result of the diagnose. You are hoping that the damage is minor but as the time passes you know that you have to expect for the worst.

You scratch your head again. You have an appointment to catch and the time is moving. You must make a move. Therefore you opt to... (To be continued)

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